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Yes, I haven't posted anything in weeks.  New year and trying diligently to keep to the new resolutions -- and it's  a lot of 'attention-to-detail' -type work.  Which leaves less time for posting.  As if mindless work warrants some blog posts about it.

One of the things I'm doing in keeping the resolutions is "get organized".  Well, there's more to it than that (actually, most of the resolutions can be summed-up as "get my shit together"), but this weekend's portion was 'clean out the garage.'

Among the other things I've decided to part with (mostly old motherboards, scads of memory for said motherboards and the like) is a 250MB Colorado Tape drive AND controller, manufactured around 1993 (the date is taken from the  Serial Number tag).  There are no tapes.  And it's dusty.  I have absolutely NO need for these things.

Separately, they go for about $50 on ebay or other refurbished computer peripherals re-sellers' websites.  That's $50 each.  And you can't operate one without the other (meaning, the tape drive only works with this particular controller.  Yes, the controller can also handle floppy drives, but it was manufactured for this particular tape drive.).  And I haven't seen them sold together.

And I'm giving them away.

I don't want to put something that might be useful to someone in the 'electronics recycling' box (Got old tapes and no way to read them?).  And I don't want 'just anyone' to get them on FreeCycle; if someone who reads my journal entries wants them, they're yours.

Let me know by this coming Saturday (the 29th), or they're being posted on FreeCycle.


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